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The INMOTION L8D Electric Scooter combines cutting edge technology with modern design. The entire body of the scooter is made up of clear lines and striking details. The new Inmotion L8F will captivate you at first sight.


The INMOTION L8D Foldable Electric Scooter foldable frame makes it easy to transport the scooter by hand or transport it in transport. In addition, the scooter can be rolled like a travel suitcase. This opportunity has appeared thanks to special wheels located at the bottom of the deck. The scooter’s frame is made of aluminum, so its weight is only 12 kg.

The L8D version is equipped with a 250 W motor. He is able to accelerate the scooter to a speed of 30-35 km / h. This is quite enough for comfortable movement around the city. The engine is paired with an 8.7 Ah battery. The power reserve reaches 35 km, and the full charge time is only 5 hours.

You will not go unnoticed in the dark thanks to the bright blue backlight. Animated grips and handlebars are rider-configurable. The luminous rear wheel complements the futuristic look. Also, for safe driving in the dark, the INMOTION L8D Foldable Electric Scooter. is equipped with an LED headlight in the front and bright brake lights at the rear.


A proprietary smartphone application will allow you to monitor the main parameters of the scooter, as well as adjust the lighting of your Inmotion L8D.

Other features of Inmotion L8D

  • Front electronic brake
  • Convenient acceleration and deceleration control
  • Compact and informative LED display
  • Folding footrest


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